District & Sessions Court Namchi Admit Card - May 17, 2022 | Live News Updates


District & Sessions Court Namchi Admit Card - May 17, 2022 | Live News Updates

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About District & Sessions Court Namchi

On April 17, 1955, the High Court of Sikkim was established by virtue of a Proclamation, the High Court of Judicature (Jurisdiction and Powers) Proclamation, 1955 proclaimed by the then Maharaja of Sikkim who was known as the 'Chogyal'.
It was in the year 1916, the Appellate Court designated as Chief Court was created with jurisdiction to try important original suits. The Court was exercising appellate jurisdiction over the Adda Courts. Appeals from the Chief Court would lie to the Supreme Court of His Highness the Maharaja. The Court of the Maharaja, without having original jurisdiction, was the final Court of Appeal in the state. A Board on the lines of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England, would hear the parties and scrutinise the evidence regarding the merit of the case and then render its opinion to the Maharaja.

Adda Courts were subsequently abolished in 1949 on the recommendation of the Judicial Proposal Committee. The state was divided into four Revenue Districts and accordingly, Magistrates were appointed in each district with original appellate jurisdiction under criminal and civil side. The Courts of Assistant Magistrates and the Courts of Tehsildars were also created. Records speak of appointment of a Judge of the High Court of Sikkim in the year 1953 itself much before the establishment of the High Court of Sikkim in 1955.

Official Address:
District Courts Complex, P.O. & P.S. Namchi - 737126, South Sikkim South Sikkim, Sikkim 737126
Phone: 03595-264356
Fax: 03595-264358