Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN) is an esteemed government organization aimed at providing skill development and employment opportunities to the residents of Haryana. Established with the vision to empower the youth with skills, HKRN plays a vital role in bridging the gap between education and employment.

Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN) Recruitment

Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN) has emerged as a driving force in skill development and employment generation in Haryana. Its dedication to empowering the youth with valuable skills has resulted in numerous success stories and a positive impact on the state’s economy. As HKRN continues to evolve and overcome challenges, it will undoubtedly pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Haryana.

Latest Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN) Vacancies

Objectives of HKRN Recruitment

The primary objective of HKRN Recruitment is to identify and employ talented individuals for various positions within the organization. HKRN aims to recruit candidates who are not only skilled and knowledgeable but also possess a passion for uplifting society through skill development initiatives.

Available Job Vacancies and Eligibility Criteria

HKRN offers diverse job opportunities across various positions. Let’s take a look at some of the available job vacancies and their corresponding eligibility criteria:

Supervisor Positions

  • Educational Qualification: Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Experience: A minimum of 2 years of experience in a related domain is required.

Trainer Positions

  • Educational Qualification: Candidates should have a Diploma/Degree in the respective skill they wish to train.
  • Experience: Prior teaching or training experience is preferred but not mandatory.

Project Manager Positions

  • Educational Qualification: A Master’s degree in Business Administration or a related field is required.
  • Experience: At least 5 years of experience in project management is necessary.

Accountant Positions

  • Educational Qualification: A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance is required.
  • Experience: Prior experience in accounting is preferred.

How to Apply for HKRN Recruitment

To apply for the HKRN Recruitment, candidates need to follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the official website of HKRN (insert official website link).
  2. Navigate to the “Career” section and select the desired job vacancy.
  3. Carefully read the job description, eligibility criteria, and other relevant information.
  4. Click on the “Apply Now” button and fill out the application form with accurate details.
  5. Upload the required documents, such as educational certificates and a resume.
  6. Submit the application and take note of the application number for future reference.

Selection Process and Criteria

The selection process for HKRN Recruitment involves multiple stages to ensure that only the most suitable candidates are chosen for each position. The process may include:

  1. Screening of Applications: The HR team reviews all the received applications and shortlists candidates based on their qualifications and experience.
  2. Written Test/Interview: Shortlisted candidates may be required to appear for a written test or face an interview to assess their knowledge, skills, and suitability for the role.
  3. Skill Assessment: For certain positions, candidates may undergo a practical skill assessment to evaluate their proficiency in the relevant domain.
  4. Final Selection: Based on the overall performance, the final candidates are selected and offered the position.

About Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN)

Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN) is an initiative by the Government of Haryana, a state in India, aimed at promoting skill development and generating employment opportunities for the youth of the region. The organization was established with the vision of creating a skilled and capable workforce that can contribute effectively to the state’s economic growth.


  1. Skill Development: The primary objective of HKRN is to provide skill development training to the unemployed and underemployed youth in Haryana. By imparting relevant and industry-specific skills, the organization aims to enhance the employability of individuals and bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skilled labor.
  2. Employment Generation: HKRN endeavors to facilitate job placements and self-employment opportunities for the trained candidates. Through tie-ups with various industries and employers, the organization strives to connect skilled individuals with suitable job openings, thereby reducing unemployment rates in the state.
  3. Entrepreneurship Promotion: Apart from offering job placements, HKRN also encourages entrepreneurship by providing support and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs. The organization fosters an ecosystem that nurtures innovative business ideas and facilitates the establishment of new ventures.
  4. Industry Collaboration: HKRN collaborates with industries, trade organizations, and other stakeholders to identify the skill requirements of different sectors. This helps in designing skill development programs that are aligned with the needs of the job market, making the candidates more relevant and valuable to employers.
  5. Quality Training: HKRN ensures that the skill training provided to candidates meets high-quality standards. Training programs are designed and delivered by qualified trainers and industry experts to equip the participants with practical knowledge and hands-on experience.
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation: The organization conducts regular monitoring and evaluation of its skill development initiatives to measure their impact and effectiveness. This allows HKRN to make necessary improvements and optimize its efforts for better outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is HKRN only for residents of Haryana?

Yes, HKRN primarily focuses on providing opportunities to the residents of Haryana.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes, candidates can apply for multiple positions based on their eligibility.

Is there an age limit for applying to HKRN’s programs?

While there is no strict age limit, certain programs may have specific age criteria for eligibility.

Does HKRN offer placement assistance after training?

Yes, HKRN actively assists its trained candidates in finding suitable job placements.

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