The Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC), a vital cog in India’s spacefaring dreams, attracts some of the brightest minds in engineering and technology. But before securing your place amongst them, you’ll need to conquer the entrance exam. And what better weapon to wield than the wisdom of the past – previous year question papers!

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LPSC Previous Year Question Papers

Catering Attendant ‘A’


Draftsman ‘B’ (Mechanical)

Draughtsman ‘B’ (Mechanical)

Driver (LVD/HVD)

Fireman ‘A’

Hindi Typist

Junior Translation Officer

Scientific Assistant

Technical Assistant (Automobile)

Technical Assistant (Civil)

Technical Assistant (Electrical)

Technical Assistant (Electronics)

Technical Assistant (Mechanical)

Technical Assistant (Photography)

Technician ‘B’ (Carpenter)

Technician ‘B’ (Diesel Mechanic)

Technician ‘B’ (Electrician)

Technician ‘B’ (Electronic Mechanic)

Technician ‘B’ (Electroplater)

Technician ‘B’ (Fitter)

Technician ‘B’ (Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics)

Technician ‘B’ (Machinist)

Technician ‘B’ (Plumber)

Technician ‘B’ (Refrigeration & A/C Mechanic)

Technician ‘B’ (Turner)

Technician ‘B’ (Welder)

Why Previous Year Papers

Why Previous Year Papers are Your Launchpad to Success:

  • Familiarize yourself with the exam format: Immerse yourself in the actual structure, marking scheme, and types of questions asked. This understanding calms exam nerves and boosts confidence.
  • Identify recurring themes and topics: Analyze past papers to pinpoint frequently tested areas. Focus your preparation on these core concepts to maximize your score.
  • Practice time management: Treat each solved paper like a simulated exam. This hones your ability to pace yourself and tackle questions within the allotted time.
  • Gauge your strengths and weaknesses: Analyze your performance to identify knowledge gaps. This targeted approach plugs those holes and propels you towards better scores.
  • Boost problem-solving skills: Repeated exposure to diverse questions sharpens your critical thinking and analytical abilities, invaluable assets in any competitive exam.

Where to Find?

Where to Find LPSC Previous Year Papers:

  • LPSC Official Website: The LPSC website offers previous papers for various posts like Technician B, Draughtsman B, etc. Download them directly and get started!
  • Educational Websites and Forums: Several online platforms like Recruitment Guru, Solve Papers, and Testbook provide a treasure trove of past papers and valuable insights.
  • Coaching Institutes and Study Materials: Reputable coaching centers often include previous year papers and analysis in their study materials.

Pro-Tips for Mastering

Pro-Tips for Mastering Previous Year Papers:

  • Don’t just solve, analyze: After solving each paper, analyze the questions, understand the concepts tested, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compare your answers with answer keys: This clarifies doubts, highlights misconceptions, and reinforces correct approaches.
  • Time yourself: Simulate the actual exam environment by setting timers and practicing under pressure.
  • Join online communities: Interact with fellow aspirants, share strategies, and discuss challenges faced while solving previous papers.

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